Services overview

Our Company has a number of drill rigs made up of multi-purpose and DTH.

Our DTH rig and Compressor of 950cfm @200psi mounted on two separate 4x4 trucks has the capacity to drill up to 250 meters for the following:

Edal Driller

  • -Borehole drilling for water

-Geotechnical Investigations

  • -Piezometer installations



Our newly acquired PRD 450 OZ Rig with a compressor of 1100cfm @ 350psi is used for drilling of wide diameter wells (mainly used as de-watering wells in mining sites) from 4" to 24" wide and down to 300 meters depth.


We also have a multi-purpose rig with an Elgi Compressor of 1100cfm @350psi both mounted on separate rubber crawlers has the capacity to drill the following:

Exploratory Drilling Rig

  • -R.C. Drilling 4 "-5" Dia up to depth of 200 Mtrs.
  • -Rotary Drilling of 8 " Dia up to depth of 100 Mtrs.
  • -Diamond Core Drilling: Which is Capable of drilling hole size of:

   HQ : 500 Meters.

   NQ : 650 Meters.

   BQ : 800 Meters.

   PQ : 150-200 Meters.